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Management Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Management Communication - Essay ExampleGood managers must also act as good leaders. The leadership role that is played by the manager is one of the most important functions that have to be performed by the management. In playing the role of a leader, the manager is involved in various activities that relate to lead the organization to function in a particular direction. The management works to provide direction for the organization on various issues.Great managers are also great leaders. Therefore they play the role of leading others who are under their influence. There have been raging debates on the issue of whether leaders are born or they are made. But one of the most important thing to realize here is that the role of leadership is based on some important skills that an individual posses and some which an individual learns in the process. This is because to be a good leader one does not require one attribute but is made up of specific array of attributes. A good leader must have the confidence to stand in front of other and provide them with direction. A good leader must be able to think in the sense that they must be able to gather, sort and structures information before passing it on to others. They must be able to develop a vision for the organization. ... However the most important aspect of any leader is that they must be able to communication effectively with others. This has been considered as the watershed capacity in leadership. This is because the leader plays the role of informing others, convincing others, uniting others, motivating others and directing others. These things require the leader to have effective communication skill in order to show others where the organization is heading. The effectiveness of a leader lies in their power to inform and persuade others which helps them to win battles for the hearts and the minds of the employees. (Baldoni, 2007)Good leaders are effecting because they have the power to convince others. They use a variety of strategies in order to convince others to follow them. Good managers ensure that they are good listeners and they other time to express themselves. They also ensure that they don't rush to make judgments. They will also ensure that there is an effective feedback mechanism in the organization. For example a good leader will ensure that they talk directly with their workers instead of using mediators. In this way they are able to learn the mood and response of the workers.Strategic organization communicationCommunication in an organization is very strategic in the sense that is one of the strategic factors that determine the viability of the performance of the organization. It is one of the components of organization strategy and it helps an organization to function even in difficult situations. It is strategic in the sense that it requires to be planned in advance as a part of the overall growth strategy of the organization. It is also strategic in the sense that it will have to be changed on the process of

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